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Premiere Services

Premiere Services

Digital Makeup Group provides the next step in the evolution of practical, on-set makeup by bringing the eye of Award Winning Makeup Artists into the wizardry of
modern digital magic!

"Even the most seemingly perfect face still needs hair and makeup." 

Premiere Services

Premiere Services

Premiere Services

  • Makeup / Character Design
  • Beauty
  • Post Makeup Application
  • De-Aging
  • Wig Fixes / Replacements
  • SPFX Makeup Fixes
  • Face Replacement
  • Movie Spot Check
  • Consultations
  • And More!

Expert Direction

Premiere Services

Expert Direction

Led by Academy Award winning makeup artist, Bill Corso our digital makeup artists will work intimately with production makeup and hair department heads to provide 

pre-production character design, post production retouching and digital augmentation 

for performers in any medium and format on any platform.

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Tell us a little bit about your project. We will get back to you as soon as you can with some ideas of how we can make your story shine.

Beauty and Character digital looks here are designed by Bill Corso. All work by Digital Makeup Group is done in coordination with your hair and makeup teams. 

Trust the experts. 

Do to the nature of our work, we cannot post a reel on this site. Please contact us to set up an appointment to see it in person. 


By appointment only.


“The work you’ve done is amazing…you’re going to give

every actor a new lease on their career.” - Steven Spielberg

“Bill and his team are at the cutting edge of digital make up.

Much of their work you have enjoyed without even knowing it

-- which is what makes them so damn good. Highly

recommended!” - JJ Abrams

“Billy Corso is a one of the great make-up masters. He can

turn a bullfrog into a prince and a princess into an insect or a

withering hag. His sense of wonder and his childlike adoration

for the creative process has made him a true artisan and one

of my favorite collaborators. I feel blessed whenever we get to

spend time looking for characters in his fun house mirror.” - Jim Carrey

“If only people knew that you guys have saved the movie.”- Rick Carter (Academy Award Winner production

designer, AVATAR, Jurassic World, Star Wars)

“Simply, Bill Corso is a master. I feel lucky that I have been able

to collaborate with Bill on many of my costumes - he turns my

craziest dreams into a magical reality.” - Heidi Klum