Makeup / Character Design

Bill Corso, Award Winning Makeup Artist and Character Designer will create digital designs in Photoshop for the elements needed on set and the overlap of what can be enhanced in post.

Digital Makeup Application

Applying beauty makeup or character makeup, digitally in post.


Cosmetic fixes- blemishes, beauty enhancement, makeup fixes, facial contouring and warping
Character/Story Enhancements - Added tears, sweat, drain blood from face, eye redness, etc.


Reducing age in the face, hair, and body while preserving performance.

Body Sculpting

Body thinning or enhancement - sometimes requires extensive background replacement.

Wig Fixes / Replacements

Glue/lace fixes, hair sculpting, wig replacement.

SPFX Makeup Fixes

Prosthetic enhancement or fixes and re-application.

Face Replacements

Replacing Face, usually over stunt double.   This requires a high level matched action on the face and torso actor plate to the body actor plate.

Movie Spot Check

Often filmmakers don't have time to look through the movie to find the flaws and they may not even know what to look for. We are here to help you through that process. 


Bill Corso can offer consultations for any of the above or discussions about best practices

Our services always include consideration of character and story and are done in 2 and 2.5D.